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Rami initially pursued a degree in engineering, driven by a fascination with how things worked and a keen analytical mind. After completing his engineering studies, he found himself working in the chocolate industry, a seemingly unexpected turn in his career path. Little did he know that this shift would spark a profound transformation in his life.

While working as an engineer in the chocolate industry, Rami's eyes were opened to the intricate world of cocoa processing, chocolate making, and the artistry behind crafting exquisite chocolate creations. He quickly discovered an unbridled passion for the delectable world of chocolate, as the blend of science and artistry resonated deeply with him. And that's when he decided to enroll in a renowned French-Canadian chocolate school. There, he learned the nuances of chocolate confectionery, and immersed himself in the rich history and diverse flavors of cocoa. The combination of his engineering background and newfound knowledge of chocolate proved to be a winning formula.

After years of dedication and hard work, Rami's dream materialized into a successful chocolate brand that stands out for its innovation and dedication to quality. Rami Chocolates has gained recognition for their exquisite taste, captivating packaging, and the personal touch infused into each creation. Rami Chocolates not only satisfies the sweet cravings of chocolate enthusiasts but also reflects Rami's journey from an engineer to a passionate chocolatier.

As Rami always says, his way to bring happiness to the world is through each chocolate bar he and his team make at Rami Chocolates.