About rami

Rami Chocolates are crafted with rich and flavorful Venezuelan cocoa beans recognized as one of the highest quality beans around the world. Each of our chocolates is a delight and one of a kind experience that evokes special memories. Just one taste is needed to discover our perfect balance of original flavors, unique textures, and colorful hand-crafted chocolates.


Our artistic vision challenges you not to fall in love with our beautiful assortment of chocolates and presentations at first sight. Rami’s elegant and modern twist approach to chocolate making will surprise all your senses, believe us.
Try them for the look and stay for the flavor. With a diverse selection of chocolates, Rami has an option that will satisfy all your cravings, semi-sweet, fruity, salty, bittersweet; we got you.


Experience any of our variety of white, milk or dark chocolate, trust us, the Rami experience will go from your palate to your heart, transporting you to memories while creating new ones.


There is a Rami for every occasion. With the natural antioxidant properties of chocolate, Rami is here to give you the feel-good experience at all your events and celebrations. Perfect for that special someone, family gathering or formal functions, etc.


Say it with chocolate, say it with Rami.
It’s the Rami experience!